Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I get?

We currently offer loan amounts up to $1,000 for first time borrowers.

How long does it take to get approved?

Once you complete the online application, we verify some of the information that you provided with your employer. If everything checks out your loan is approved and funds are usually deposited into your account the following business day.

How much will my loan cost me?

We charge a flat rate APR in accordance with what is allowed by the laws of the state in which you reside.  The exact costs and terms of your loan can be found in your loan agreement.

How long do I have to repay my loan?

Terms vary by state.  In general, the minimum term is 120 days. The maximum term is 8 months.  The exact cost and term of your loan can be found in your loan agreement.

How do I repay my loan?

For your convenience, you can repay via direct deposit payments from a portion of your paycheck. Other payment methods are also available including pre-authorized transfers from your checking or savings account, money orders, and paper checks.

Can I request a new loan before I pay off my existing loan?

We don’t want you to borrow more than you can comfortably repay. With that in mind, we only allow our customers to have one loan at a time.  Once a loan is paid in full we hope to serve you again if the need arises.

Will you check my credit?

Yes, we will obtain your credit information from a variety of databases and credit information providers.  However, we do not perform a “hard pull” that would effect your FICO score.